• Piegut restaurant

    Le Sens de la Terre restaurant, Piegut

  • Petits Moulins

    Petits Moulins

  • Moulin de la Tardoire restaurant

    Mouline de la Tardoire Restaurant

  • Chateau Montbrun 2

    Chateau Montbrun

  • St Jean de Cole

    St. Jean de Cole

  • Roman Ford near Montbron

    Roman Ford near Montbron

  • Ancient-Abbey

  • Piegut Market 2

    Piegut Market

  • Piegut Market

    Piegut Market

  • Piegut Market 3

    Piegut Market

  • Bordeilles


  • Champniers et Reilhac night market

    Champniers-et-Reilhac Night Market

  • Chateau Puyguilhem

    Chateau Puyguilhem

  • Pompadour Races

    Pompadour Races

  • Chateau Montbrun

    Chateau Montbrun

  • Brantome 2


  • St Estephe

    St. Estephe

  • Brantome



Les Arbres is nestled deep in the heart of the Perigord Limousin Nature Park. This is the famous ‘Perigord Vert’ region of the Dordogne, characterised by its forests of nut and pine trees, heathland, lakes and wildlife.   Farms are small and hedgerows undisturbed. The area is famous for its farm products, including foie gras, nut oils, truffles, nuts, ceps and duck products. Local restaurants range from traditional to modern, often in amazing settings.

There is a wealth of treasures and heritage to explore in the area from medieval cities, busy markets and picturesque villages to caves and chateaux, along with some spectacular scenery. The roads are quiet so perfect for cycling, running and trekking. Nearby there is fishing, horse-riding and canoeing. Local swimming lakes have beaches, lifeguards and games for a fun day out. Or you can simply relax in the garden and watch the birds, including hoopoes, owls, woodpeckers.